Thursday, August 22, 2013

10th Birthday Party at Rouge Lounge in Sunny Isles

So we are not exactly know for doing birthdays or weddings, however once in a while we enjoy taking up on one of those private type of events. Early July 2013 we had the pleasure to put together a birthday party for an adorable 9 year old lady who wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday with her friends and family. The first step was to sit down with her, mom and dad to figure out what they had in mind; fortunately for us they knew exactly what they wanted so we were able to move on to the planning stage right away.

The Bday Girl (that’s how we will call her) didn’t want the typical “all girly” pink, rainbows and barbies type of party… instead she wanted to have a party at a “club” and as long as mom and dad were ok with it, it sounded like a fun concept: a disco-club party for children, where adults could have fun as well. Once we knew what date they had in mind we started scouting for potential venues; after presenting 3 good options the decision was made (we loved them for making decisions quickly). Rouge Lounge is a waterfront restaurant-lounge located on the 163rd street causeway close to Sunny Isles Beach, FL (our client’s neighborhood); a low key place that caters to a discerning upscale clientele, with indoor and outdoor sitting, it was just perfect for us. Our client rented the whole venue for the day which made our job a lot easier, of course.


The next steps were critical: we had to come up with the party schedule to keep children and adults busy; for the children we hired an amazing professional who specializes in entertaining children for birthdays and private parties, and did a fantastic job keeping those kids on their toes with games, dance numbers and contests all night long, while “club performers” showed up from time to time to wow them with awesome costumes and effects. Of course we had a live VJ (Video DJay) who played the coolest beats while the music videos were shown on his booth and a gigantic screen.


A buffet table for the kids had a selection of healthy mini-dishes, easy to grab-eat-and-go, while the bartender was mixing colorful “virgin cocktails” (without alcohol) in (disposable) champagne and martini glasses for the mini-ladies and gents.

While the children were having a blast inside, in the outdoor terrace the adults had their own party going on, enjoying a fabulous selection of Russian inspired food, champagne and cocktails; the lounges and set up outside was exactly what the client expected so we only gave it a final touch of d├ęcor with beautiful arrangements of red roses as center tables, and a few hanging from the ceiling.

A few days before all these magic happened, the client asked us at the very last minute (of course), if we could produce a video-invitation for them to send to their guests; they had already sent a “save the date” notice but now the Birthday Girl wanted a cool video, and she was very specific with what she wanted: a cartoon-style similar to the Wimpy Kid (for those who (just like me) have no idea what this is, just google it, which would incorporate her favorite sport: tennis.
To make a long story short, in 5 days our creative team conceptualized, created, got approved and produced an adorable mini-video…


This was a truly rewarding experience, one of those that make our job worthwhile, dynamic and enjoyable… nothing better than a nice “thank you” email after an event, from a happy client.

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