Monday, March 10, 2014

Luxury Concierge Network by Le City deluxe Magazine

We are grateful to Le City deluxe Magazine for the great article that they published in their February/March 2014 issue. Below you will find the transcribed content, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

"As a former concierge of one of the premier residential communities in Miami, I had the opportunity to cater to a very discerning and affluent clientele by handling lifestyle and sometimes personal matters to make their lives easier. Such experience gave me a unique perspective of the relationship between the consumers of luxury products and services, and those who cater to them. A few years passed and I founded Star Services, a boutique events and public relations agency, and eventually resigned from my position as a concierge to work full time in my company. One of the many things I learned those years is that many (if not most) of luxury brands do not see the concierge professionals as the gatekeepers to entire communities of potential clients. Since most of those companies didn’t have an established strategy or effective program in place targeting concierges of luxury condominiums, I decided to create one. Thus, The Luxury Concierge Network was born.

After spending 2 years building relationships with concierges from some of the most exclusive condominiums in Miami, while approaching and pitching this new concept to potential clients, I learned that most luxury brands focus on that personal touch, the one - on - one connection with their consumers. While I had a solid platform of effective marketing and branding tools in place, I was missing that special component. Soon enough, with the support of some of my concierge friends I was launching the “Luxury Lifestyle Showcase”, a series of events exclusive for residents of luxury condominiums where brands have direct visibility to their audience - an opportunity to meet, mingle and socialize with potential clients, in the comfort of their home. 

Concierges of upscale residential communities represent a wealth of opportunities for those who learn how to work with them, appreciate them, and respect them as the professionals that they are. The trust that they build from their clients is a very valuable asset, and becoming a preferred brand or vendor of any of these concierges should be part of every marketing and branding strategy. As new luxury condominiums open up, and we expand our network, we will continue catering to these elite concierges, and connecting them with some of the best brands and services in town."

Jade Ocean Event by Le City deluxe Magazine

If you checked out the February/March 2014 issue of Le City deluxe Magazine, you probably came across the awesome coverage they did on the Luxury Lifestyle Showcase Event that we did for residents of Jade Ocean.

In the link at the bottom, you can see the online version including a photo album from the event.