Monday, June 18, 2012

Artmiami.TV - Green Peace Event

May 12, 2012 was an eventful day in Miami Beach as people of all ages celebrated another year of Artmiami.TV's Environmental Awareness Day. The mission was to bring environmental awareness to the heart of South Florida through a day-long number of activities for everyone to enjoy.
The day kicked off at the Shelborne Hotel on South Beach where guests enjoyed pool side with cocktails and complimentary Vitamin Water. The fun continued as guests danced the day away leading up to the Greenpeace Beach Cleanup; people waved Greenpeace signs as they aided with the important effort to clean the beach.
Towards the sunset everyone came together for a flash mob style show while enjoying the soulful beats of African musicians and a mind blowing live painting session by Floyd, The Rock Artists, a pioneer in the Motion Art movement. Several mini LED flashlights were lit to form a large light bulb that could be seen from up high; the LED flash lights represented the Eco-friendly future while the light bulb symbolized an old energy source. The cameras of captured everything from a helicopter that showed up upon the sunset.
The event was possible thanks to the support of several organizations and companies such as Greenpeace, Vitamin Water, Shelborne Hotel and Spyker, an eco-friendly luxury car from the Netherlands with exclusive dealers in North Miami and Pembroke Pines.