Monday, January 13, 2014

Phil MacQuet’s “Art/Digital” During Art Basel Week Miami 2014


From street art to avant-garde, digital age artist Phil MacQuet’s unique and interactive art uses high definition images combined with digital screens to make his pieces come alive through the interaction with a mobile device. His never before seen work, “street / digital” made its world premiere at Markowicz Fine Art in Miami on Saturday, December 7th during Art Basel Week Miami 2013.

Phil MacQuet has been using the computer as a means of expression for more than 20 years, as he witnessed its birth and took an interest in the advent of the sophisticated machines. MacQuet has taken art and technology one step further by developing a smart phone application which scans digital stencils from specific pieces of his art. The application then takes the user to an online video or images, sometimes with sound, that describe the meaning of that particular image within the context of the art piece, allowing the observer to experience a vivid and breathtaking view of the art.

The grand opening exhibit gathered a great crowd of art connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts who admired the innovative mind-blowing series, as the artist Phil MacQuet and gallery owner Bernard Markowicz, engaged guest with personal demonstrations with iPad devices.

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