Friday, December 20, 2013

Bright Minds Film Festival

A group of talented and pioneering film and entertainment professionals presented a series of short independent films they produced on location in South Florida at the inaugural “Bright Minds Film Festival”. The new film showcase opened at The Colony Theater on Lincoln Road on Tuesday, November 26th at 7:00 pm with a cocktail reception and private screening of the six short films: “Alone”, “Eternal Emotions”, “Happiness”, “One Life”, “The Perfect Stroke” and “Cueva de Ilusiones”.

The leading team of filmmakers includes: Jose Alexzander, Carola Parmejano, Omar Jimenez, Elda Medina, Gui Agustini and Christina Jolie Breza, all of whom played different roles in the production of the six films.

The evening started with the arrival of VIP guests, filmmakers, actors and actresses through the red carpet, who immediately after gathered for a cocktail reception at the foyer and lobby areas at The Colony Theater. At 8:30pm over 300 seats were filled in the auditorium for the beginning of the program which was hosted by Mexican actress Rosalinda Rodriguez and Cuban actor Carlos Garin.

Recognition awards were given to actors, actresses, directors and other professionals who were part of the production teams that made possible the filming of the featured short films. As one of the highlights of the evening the first “Bright Minds Film Festival Life Achievement Award” was given to internationally renowned Mexican television and film actress and director Adriana Barraza. The evening included a live music performance by artist Grethel Ortiz, in collaboration with Latin Grammy Award winner Tony Tahan and Gibson Guitars’ artist Luis Gomez.

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