Friday, March 15, 2013

Arno Elias' "The Lost Series" Opening Exhibit

Art and photography aficionados gathered at a special and never before seen exhibit by renowned French Artist Arno Elias, who is also known for his exemplary work as composer, producer and musician of Buddah Bar music. The exclusive cocktail event and art exhibit featuring his new work, The Lost Series, was held at Markowicz Fine Art Gallery, located at 114 Northeast 40th Street, in Miami's Design District.
Art collectors, gallery clients, special guests and the media attended the event on March 5th. Elias' thrilled those in attendance with his beautiful display of images from his solo world photographic tour of countries such as Kenya, Guatemala, Thailand, Egypt, India, France, England and the USA. "I want people to see the beauty of those cultures, to feel the depth of their people, the mixed emotions of pain and joy, and the diversity of our world", said Elias about his work. The “Lost Series” is a crystallization of Elias' mixed-media techniques and features powerful images he captured while he was "lost" in different cultures from the five continents.
"The expressions on the images Elias' captured transport us and make us feel as if we're there, sitting right next to a subject who's halfway around the world", said Bernard Markowicz, owner of Markowicz Fine Art Gallery. From Sari-clad women on the streets of India, to a boy in the mountains of Tibet, to an elephant on Africa's Savannah, Elias' images evoke emotion and capture a montage of his adventures.
Guests toasted with champagne and enjoyed appetizers during the event. They also got to meet and interact with Elias, whose artistic career began as a teenager. His work is on permanent exhibit in a number of art galleries around the country such as Pop International Galleries in Soho NYC and Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills, California. Elias' paintings and photographs have been featured in prestigious art fairs such as Art Basel in Switzerland, Art Chicago and San Francisco Art Market. Elias has also worked with fashion icons, Jean Paul Gaultier and Mario Testino.
Elias is known as a world-renowned artist, not only for his photography, but for his work in new age, Buddha Bar music. Elias has worked with Latin recording artist, Shakira, and composed the score for multiple worldwide campaign videos for UNICEF.

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